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Joan is awesome!! Thank goodness you are back!!! Congrats on your new place!!
Kala Spangler
One of the best sessions I have ever received Joan's work is splendid - she recently gave me one of the best sessions I have ever had. And I should know - I've been a massage therapist for over 16 years. Her work is a beautiful and effective mix of broader relaxation work and specific detailed work. Her space is lovely and serene, and she easily finds the balance of being extremely professional but also very warm and sincere. She conveys skill, confidence and compassion through her hands. I can't wait for my next session!
Lisa Jensen
exactly what I need Joan is a really, really good massage therapist. And listener! I always feel completely cared for, body and soul. She is a gift to us all!
Rhonda W.
Wonderfully therapeutic massage! I visited Joan's new space for my first massage in over 8 years and it was fantastic! Warm and relaxing atmosphere, great recovery for my muscles after a long run, and no hassle parking. I'll definitely book another massage with Joan!
D. Scott
Simply the best Every time I see Joan, I feel as if I've had more than a massage, I've been given a gift. Intuitive, powerful, sensitive - truly wonderful.
Just what I needed I came in for lower back pain. Joan focused on that area and helped reduce the pain there, while also treating me to a relaxing full body experience. She even followed up with specific stretches and exercises to help me continue to improve my body's health!
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About Joan There is something you all should know about Joan... She rocks! Rocks me just about to sleep, that is, with the caring,deliberate,experienced and un-rushed use of her hands. Joan is my main Doctor.
amazing, effective and relaxing I was a CMt for 14years before buying a bike shop. I am very picky about massage. I like deep effective work and I understand that it does not need to be painful to be deep. Joan accomplishes that. Dont get me wrong... sometimes I need to breath into areas as she works but I never leave feeling beat up. I leave feeling like I want to come back every day!
Lesley Smith
Thank you Joan! As a professional triathlete, massage is crucial for managing stiffness // soreness. Ever since I have consistently been going to Joan for this, I can just tell the body runs more smoothly as a whole. Joan is an amazing healer and provides such a relaxing, peaceful space while I am there. In addition to the physical benefits, I know that when I leave I will be in a better headspace than when I arrived.
A true healer Joan is sincerely a healer with magic hands. I have chronic pain and it vanishes when she works on me. I've only been to two sessions so far but signed up for a package after the first because she truly is one of those rare finds. Can't recommend her highly enough!
Homeopathic wonder I came to see Joan after the holidays (and after going at least a year before my last massage), and I'm so glad that I did. I saw Joan for a massage/facial combo and it was wonderful. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I appreciate her attention to whole body needs and her use of natural products. I look forward to making visits to Joan regularly from here on, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality massage therapist. Thank you, Joan!
Relaxing and rejuvenating The massage/facial combo is the best I have ever had. Feels sort of like pressure point massage, hard to describe. It causes me to lose all sense of space & time.. Can't wait to try her other services.